FLMMJ Haters will never be satisfied.

There is something I have been wanting to get off my chest lately regarding the local online MMJ community.

I guess it was naive of me to believe that it was all going to be rainbows and sunshine but some of these Cannatrolls MAKE the time to to regurgitate lackluster yelp reviews for local dispensaries. They make it their mission to paint the quality of product into the most negative light, and then shoot down anyone that doesn't agree or those that offer a solution. These same trolls then seek out anyone that may get paid to mention the same dispensaries they have beef with and hang them out to dry by cutting and pasting their #ads as if they were trying to prove a point. The thing is they don't have one.

The Cannatrolls will drone on and on about the "boof" these dispensaries are "suckering" patients into buying but offering no real insight into what they themself would consider to be quality cannabis. They love posting photos of rotted bud, moldy edibles, and bugs on grows belonging to any dispensary. It almost feels like these Cannatrolls are mad bitter because they can't participate in the market, or have been wronged by the industry in some way. Look dude, I love the concept of eating the rich but please be clear about your reasons for playing devils advocate. What is your goal or mission statement? That is what keeps them in the troll category. They really don't have any other aim other than to stir the pot and hide behind an online persona that they can only be held accountable for on their own terms.

Sure, you could say that as someone who works for these companies I am going to be biased but I am a consumer, and a patient FIRST. I never started this podcast for the "lucrative" possibilities and if you invest even the slightest time in listening you will know that. There is plenty we don't like about the vertical integration model that caters to only the rich, while continuing to keep their poor counterparts in prison. We abhor the laws that keep us from growing our own medicine, and we constantly seek to educate our audience through our own experiences. Never have we been shy about voicing out opinions and our integrity will always come first.

The products may not always live up to their standards and when you spend good money on these products that you worked so hard to make, it can feel like straight betrayal. We believe customers/patients should have the opportunity to share their experiences and companies should be held accountable when they don't keep their end of the bargain.

What we don't believe in is: chastising those out there who are trying to turn their passions into something they can sustain themselves with. We don't gatekeep and we definitely don't support anyone who bases their online existence on bitterness and negativity. If you hate it so much stop spending time on it and stfu. If you are really trying to make a difference then be honest about your intentions and advocate for what you believe in instead of just poking the bear like a pre-pubescent boy pranking the substitute teacher.

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